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1. To be a distributor

The way is to pay the charge for the products you ordered, the first order should be more than US$3,000.00, we will provide distribution price, when the quantity is met, he could ask for the sole agent in his region, then we will send the products with our agent price.

2. To be an agent

We apart our agent into ordinary agent and sole agent. From 1st July 2005. Our headquarters decided all the agents are no need to pay the agent fee, but we require our participator with the stated quantity. In big city it should be US$10,000.00. middle one should be US$5,000.00,small should be US$2,000.00, If he could meet these quantity, he will be our ordinary agent.

After being an ordinary agent, we will send the products with agent price.

If ordinary agent want to be the sole agent in his region, he could offer his application, then sign the sole agent agreement with us, After that, we won't allow others to be our sole agent in his region.

After signing the sole agency agreement, the agent should expand the local market and promise the quantity, the details are as follows, for big city should be US$200,000.00, middle for US$ 100,000.00, small for US$50,000.00.

The validity for our sole agent is one year, the agent should pay deposit, for big city is US$10,000.00, for middle is US$5,000.00, for small is US$2,000.00, If the agent couldn't finish the stated quantity, we will deduct 5% unfinished sum from the deposit.

If the sole agent finishes above No.4 said stated sum, we will give 3% of the whole year selling sum as the reward to the agent, but the reward will be given with products.

When one year's agency agreement is expired, we will balance the deposit, and we will reward the winner, deduct the loser. If both sides want to continue with the cooperation, then repay the deposit, the primary agent has the priority.

Our promise about exchange the purchase:
If the buyer find our products have some problem with the quality, it can be replaced, we will take on the freight. If the buyer want to exchange his unmarketable products, he should be responsible for the freight, but these 2 things should be ensured with the well-packaged first, any old, damage couldn't be exchanged.

New product development:
every agent must offer their detailed contact information to the headquarters, such as, phone no., fax no., address, invoice document, contact person and so on. We will plan to offer 3 new items per month to the market, we will send new items information to all the agent by mail, the agent can order the new items without limitation.

We will undertake all charge for the whole advertising, won't support other agent advertise in local market, but the agent could advise on advertising or selling, we will think over and will accept some useful things, we could also make the showing shelf for the agent.

The headquarters could offer our brand license.

If you are willing to join us, please feel free to contact us, After confirmed with each other, we will sign "ADENA MONTESSORI SELLING AGREEMENT"

You have to send us the following document:
Business card, tax license, copy of your ID card, your resume, address, your turnover within this year, you can send by Email or fax, welcome to visit our factory.

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