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Square Put Together Tray

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Square Put Together Tray


Red, yellow, blue, green, white colored building blocks
including triangle, square, quadrilateral, wooden box one
High-grade imported wood (beech), safety and environmental protection paint, surface treatment.
The white box


1To make children connect the bridge between the physical and morphological and develop children's powers of observation, imagination, shape analysis, and has a huge space for develop the ability of creative logic
2Help children to recognize a variety of geometric shapes, numbers, and understand the meaning of perimeter and area, and understand the Pythagorean theory.
3Teach children to identify colors
4Guide children to comprehend the graph partitioning and synthesis, thereby enhancing the intelligence, patience and observation of children's hands

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Dimensions: packing size:21*21*2.5cm

Weight: 0.75kg

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