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Algebraic Binomial Cube

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8 painted wooden cubes in a wooden box with a lid. The box is hinged and opens out to display the cubes. Lid is printed with the binomial square pattern.


Binomial: a wooden box built by the geometry of three-dimensional eight combined into a cube - a big red cube, yellow cube one painted red, three black and two color cuboids, paint yellow, black-colored rectangular 3. Cover the upper surface and side paint color and three-dimensional box corresponding color of the surface (can be used as the binomial (a + b) 2 of algebra teaching aids.)
Imports of high-grade solid wood (beech), environmental quality paint, surface treatment.
Shrink film + white box

1Cultivate children's visual capabilities
2 Develop children keen powers of observation and concentration.
3 Develop children ‘s logical thinking skills.
4. Hand-eye coordination of movements.
5 Lay the foundation for mathematics learning.

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Dimensions: packing size:14*11.5*11.5cm

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